About Tribute Cards

Tribute Card Instructions
1.  Select the type of card to be sent.
2.  Select the donation amount ($5.00 minimum)
      - Check the box if you would like to cover the transaction fees.
3.  Enter the honoree's name and a short personal message (message optional)
4.  Enter the recipient’s name and mailing address
      - If the recipient’s address is not entered, the card will be mailed to the donor.
      - If a personal message is not entered, the default message will be used.
5.  Enter your billing information and click Submit.

Default Message: “In memory (or honor) of {honoree's name}, {donor’s name} has made a generous donation to Butte Humane Society! This donation will be used to fund the care of our animals and continue our mission of saving lives, finding homes, and inspiring compassion within our community!”