The Journey Home

About The Journey Home

Thank you for helping us get one step further on the Journey Home.
This gift will go towards the Butte Humane Society new facility. Currently, BHS has three different locations, each with their own significant challenges. We rent space from the City of Chico at our Fair Street shelter and can only house 29 dogs on-site. Furthermore, we are restricted to taking in dogs from city limits only, which means BHS cannot take in at-risk animals from other parts of Butte County.
Our Cat Adoption Center and low-cost Veterinary Clinic, located on Longfellow Ave, are miles away from our other buildings – making day to day communications and pet transportation a little more difficult.
Lastly, our administration offices are in yet another location—a warehouse—where we do our best to manage the organization from makeshift, cramped offices.
It is time for a new investment in our community—one that will far surpass the current standards of animal welfare. As an organization our role in the community has grown and our capacity for services has greatly increased. We are limited by our own space.
Furthermore, we are proud to be a steward of a beautiful green space that will be an asset to life in north-state for generations to come.